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Hi, I'm BethAnn. I'm a writer, an editor, a speaker, a program director for KEEN Greater DC-Baltimore, a runner, a triathlete and an adventure seeker. Before all that I was a girl with a limiting label that I didn't want and didn't want to define me. So I've been pushing my own boundaries and creating my own best life from day  one. Along the way, I've discovered that obstacles are opportunities to think differently and dig deeper, and limits are, more often than not, created by distorted, negative beliefs that can be removed and replaced with greater, more expansive ones. What's possible for me is possible for anyone. To hear more of my journey, listen here.        

I've been writing stories to inspire, educate and entertain for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest stories were cartoons I created in elementary school for my dentist to hang in his office to help other kids not be afraid.  What you do for others you end up doing for yourself. Little did I know at the time that my future would include 12 years of braces and two jaw operations and that with each cartoon I was building a mental muscle that would allow me to handle many dental and medical hurdles with relative ease. 

An English or Communications degree might have been the most logical pursuit, but at the time it just didn't seem practical. So I chose a double major of business and psychology instead.  Once out in the work world with a Bachelor of Science degree, it didn't take long for my true interests to draw me into a writing career and into volunteer work where my energetic side would flourish. I have been writing professionally and for publication, in various capacities, including staff writer and editor for association and specialty magazines, for 20 years. You can find the near complete list of my published work and most current pieces on the PUBLICATIONS pages.  At the same time, I have played an integral roles in the growth and success of KEEN Greater DC-Baltimore

Thank you for visiting my site. 

Beth Ann


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